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   Pile Driving?
Why and How
6 Ways the Superior M-Pile system for driving full 
displacement pipe piles will help you make more money...
  • Slash set-up and strike time on both ends of the project.  - While traditional pile drivers can take up to 2 days to set up and take down, you can bring in a drilling rig and be driving M-Piles in as little as XX minutes. That’s a money-saver AND a competitive advantage.
  • M-Pile driving is high capacity and quick on the install.  - Put in up to 40 M-Piles a day. Yes… using standard steel pipe! When time is of the essence – and when isn’t it – M-Pile is the superior way to pile drive.
  • Access job sites that can’t be reached by the standard set-up. - In close proximity situations, drilling rigs typically have smaller footprints and greater maneuverability. Another way to out-bid and out-perform the competition.
  • Forget Noise Concerns. - Standard hammers are so eardrum-splittingly noisy that they are a hazard to workers hearing and a nuisance to everybody within a half-mile or more of the job. So much so that many clients are banning their use during certain hours, or not allowing them at all, forcing contractors to select a different, often more-expensive and sometimes less effective pile system. But M-Pile reduces noise to a comparative whisper re-opening thousands of applications to pipe pile technology as the right architectural and construction solution.
  • Void Vibration Worries. - If you’ve ever tried to drive piles the conventional way in a vibration-sensitive environment, you know what a hassle it can be. Once again, M-Pile is the Super Hero of pile driving, to your rescue. Jobs in these areas can be a real headache for the hammer-driven pile method. Extra paperwork, restrictions on time and duration of work, the ability of non-construction personnel, often with no authority to shut you down because of vibration (Rank and file Doctors have shut down jobsites at hospitals, for example, due to excessive vibration from standard pile-driving operations.) If M-Pile’s sound is a mere whisper compared to hammer-driving piles, then the vibration would be like a blender compared to a swizzle stick. Again, you benefit from more jobs, done faster, and happier clients.
  • Eliminate Contamination Hassles. - Environmentally sensitive situations present multiple problems. If simply hauling away spoil isn’t enough of a hassle, you have to add in the paperwork and monitoring requirements, all of which add time and expense to the job. M-Pile installs virtually eliminate spoil, thereby eliminating those extra steps, extra time and extra expense. When it comes down to bidding those jobs, who do you think wins? The conventional installer, or the M-Pile operator?
The M-Pile Process
  • The M-Pile Mechanism is easily fitted to your drilling rig
  • Rig size depends on desired depth and geology
  • Tips are welded onto 12 ¾” pipe for installation
  • Torque, depth, and rate of penetration are monitored during installation
  • Piles can easily be spliced together in the field
  • Your operators will enjoy reliable and predictable capacity in uniform materials
  • Pipes can be concrete filled
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